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Expression of pSTAT3 and TNF-α in Normotensive and Severe Preeclamptic Placentas
Authors:  Cihan Togrul, M.D., Umit Gorkem, M.D., Sevgi Irtegun, Ph.D., Ali Emre Tahaoglu, M.D., Tayfun Gungor, M.D., and Engin Deveci, Ph.D.
  Objective: To examine histopathologic changes and correlation between TNF-α and pSTAT3 expression levels by western blot and immunohistochemical methods in preeclamptic placentas.
Study Design:
Obstetrical properties and biochemical and hematological features of patients with preeclampsia and healthy subjects were compared. Paraffin sections obtained from placenta were stained with hematoxylin-eosin for histopathologic examination.
In histopathologic examination of preeclamptic placentas, cytotrophoblastic cellular proliferation, fibrinoid necrosis, endothelial proliferation, and calcified and hyalinized villous spots were observed.
In preeclamptic placentas, we observed that trophoblastic invasion may downregulate STAT3 phosphorylation and can correlate with TNF-α elevation. Even though trophoblast invasion may interfere with both vascular and immune systems, TNF-α is not directly involved in the STAT3 signaling pathway in the preeclamptic placenta.
Keywords:  placenta, preeclampsia, STAT3, TNF-α
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