Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

Volume 40
Number 2
Naomi S. Sakai, M.B., Ch.B., Deepak Shrestha, M.B.B.S., FRCS, Katherine A. Herman, M.B.B.S., Katharine L. Kirkpatrick, M.B.B.S., FRCS, Mariya Nayagam, M.B.B.S., MRCP, and Duraisamy Ravichandran, Ph.D., FRCS
Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

Yanwei Li, M.M., Shaoshuai Mei, B.M., Yayan Cui, M.D., Fei Teng, M.M., and Wei Wang, B.M.
Beijing, China

Xiaoyi Kuai, M.M., Zhi Pang, M.D., Xinyu Shao, M.M., Liping Zhang, M.M., Xiongfei Xu, M.B., and Chunli Zhou, M.M.
Suzhou, P. R. China

Hossam El-Din M. Omar, Ph.D., Abdulrahman H. Almaeen, Ph.D., Sary Kh Abd Elghaffar, Ph.D., Sohair M. M. Ragab, Ph.D., Tarek H. El-Metwally, Ph.D., M.D., and Emad A. Ahmed, Ph.D.
Assiut, Egypt, and Sakaka, Saudi Arabia



 Case Reports
Nataniele Piol, M.D., Bruno Spina, M.D., Massimo Giusti, M.D., Simone Ferrero, M.D., Ph.D., Carlo Toncini, M.D., and Valerio Gaetano Vellone, M.D., Ph.D.
Genoa, Italy

 Letter to the Editors
Alberto Olivero, M.D., Michela Campora, M.D., Carlo Toncini, M.D., Aldo F. De Rose, M.D., Lorenzo E. Derchi, M.D., Carlo Terrone, M.D., Valerio Vellone, M.D., Ph.D., and Bruno Spina, M.D.
Genoa, Italy


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